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We offer a wide range of functional elastomers, customized solutions and personalized support to meet the differentiated needs of our customers.Products and technologies help improve recyclability, reduce processing costs, provide technical services to customers, and design solutions that differentiate customers from competitors.
It is used in tires, shoes, cables, automobiles, solar energy, household appliances, etc.

Silicon rubber

The main raw materials used in our production come from international famous manufacturers such as WACKER and Bayer. The silicone rubber produced has strong tear resistance, high recovery efficiency, high processing efficiency, different wear resistance, and the products meet the environmental protection requirements such as ROHS, and have passed the FDA certificate of the United States.

1: various kinds of blended silicon rubber.

2: ordinary silicon rubber button.

3: ordinary silicon rubber products.

4: eachAll kinds of wire, cable, tube, cable.

5: Silicon rubber products used in food, medical and health industries.
Industrial release agent

We provide water-based special chemical coatings for industrial applications. Unique formula, first-class design technology and production process, products are widely used. Smart solutions and high-quality products help our customers to be more successful in the industry.

Rubber, plastic, tire, polyurethane, composite material, carbon fiber

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